Easter products

Colomba Classic

Classic Colomba with almonds and candied fruits

Colomba without candied fruits

Soft Colomba with almonds, without candied fruits.

Colomba della Tradizione

Traditional Colomba with almonds and candied fruits

Dolce Agnello

Dolce Agnello, soft and with candied fruits.

Fresca Colomba

Fresh Colomba made following the traditional recipe; with fresh eggs and milk, natural butter, sourdough and without preservatives!


White Colomba, soft and tasty!


Tortorella with candied orange zest, covered with white chocolate, almonds, amaretto and sugar grains.

Uovo di Colomba

Uovo di Colomba with sugar grains and chocolate icing.

Campana di Pasqua

Campana di Pasqua with candied orange zest, amaretto icing, sugar grains and almonds.