Christmas products

Pandorino with Surprise

Soft Pandorino with surprise!

Panettoncino with Surprise

Panettoncino without candied fruits with surprise!

Pan Natale

Pan Natale with raisins and candied fruits!


Oven - baked confectionary product

Stracciatella Cake with Baking Pan

Cake with chocolate chips and custard cream, with baking pan (for free)!

Chocolate Cake with Baking Pan

Cake with chocolate cream and baking pan (for free)!

Ciambella with Salad Bowl

Cream and white chocolate Ciambella with salad bowl (for free)!

Margherita Cake with Salad Bowl

Margherita Cake with Chantilly Cream with salad bowl (for free)!

Black Truffle Cake with Salad Bowl

Black Truffle Cake with salad bowl (for free)!

Gianduaja Cake with Colander

Cake with Gianduja cream with colander (for free)!