Mini Profiteroles White

Mini Profiteroles White

Mini Profiteroles White filled and covered with white chocolate, with delicious custard cream puffs and defatted cocoa decorations

 Un momento di dolcezza

Perfect for celebrating Xmas with your family and friends!

 Tabella Nutrizionale


KJ: 1752
Kcal: 418
Such saturated: 8,5g
Carbohydrates: 52,8g
Such sugar: 31,8g
Proteins: 5,8g
Fibers: 1,1g


Cream puffs stuffed 21% [Custard cream 80% (Sugar, Glucose syrup, Water, Vegetable fats - palm fruit, Egg yolk, Skim milk powder, Stabilizer: pectin, Flavorings, Preservative: potassium sorbet), Wheat flour, Eggs, Wheat flour, Vegetable fats (palm fruit), Raising agent: disodium diphosphate - sodium hydrogen carbonate, Salt], White chocolate 15% (Sugar, Cocoa butter, Milk powder, Emulsifiers: lecithins (from soya), Flavorings), Vegetable margarine (Vegetable oils and fats - palm fruit and sunflower seeds - , Water, Salt, Emulsifiers: lecithins (from soya) - mono-diglycerides of fatty acids, Acidifier: citric acid, Flavourings), Sugar, White chocolate cream 8,5% [Sugar, Glucose syrup, Vegetable fats (palm fruit), White chocolate 10% (Sugar, Skim milk powder, Cocoa butter), Milk powder, Flavorings, Gelling agent: pectin, Preservative: potassium sorbet, Salt], Eggs, Water, Defatted cocoa decoration 2,5% (Sugar, Vegetable fats - coconut and palm kernel - , Defatted cocoa powder 18%, Emulsifier: soybean lecithin, Flavorings), Natural yeast (wheat), Glucose syrup, Emulsifier: mono-diglycerides of fatty acids, Salt, Butter (milk), Skim milk powder, Flavorings, Preservative: sorbic acid. It may contain traces of peanuts, nuts and sesame.

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